AshiraYoungLowRes03Healers sometimes have a story to tell, one that explains why they do what they do. I am no different in this way except that my story is my own. It has been a treacherous journey but one that has yielded great reward. I have been searching to find the Holy Grail of healing since I was 20 years old. It was at that time that my brother contracted an insidious and aggressive form of cancer. He was only 26 and should have had his whole life in front of him. It was incomprehensible to me to think that his life could be cut so short. My heart ached to realize that I might lose him.

While he considered traditional western medicine and did utilize it to some degree, my brother was more interested to see if alternative methods would provide greater hope and promise. It was the early 70s. Guided imagery and visualization were popular at that time. He implemented those techniques and shared his new found knowledge with me, giving me some amazing books to read. I was absolutely fascinated!

He also began a nutrient-rich diet, eating all organic natural foods and juicing, to cleanse and nourish his sick body. He wanted to live! These things had a powerful effect on him. They resulted in his remission from cancer for nearly two years. He lived much longer than had been expected.

Witnessing my brother’s persistent and diligent efforts was the catalyst that inspired me. My journey to learn about alternative methods of healing began there. I wanted to know how to heal from physical illness, emotional baggage, and mental agony. My own life was fraught with tremendous loss, pain, and sickness. I always knew deep-down, that I primarily was creating the problems that seemed persistent in my life. I had been a victim of some abuse in my childhood and was still so hurt and damaged. I knew that I was responsible for how I perceived and dealt with life, as I was experiencing it now. I was still living in the past essentially, still hurting because of old injuries. I wanted to find a solution. I kept wondering why I was making decisions that often brought just the opposite result of what I wanted. I couldn’t understand why, no matter how hard I worked, I was living a life of self-sabotage. I felt hopeless and like I couldn’t go on living this way. My heart despaired over all that I had lost and continued to lose. I was desperate to find help. I needed to find a way to make my life work.

I had always been a good student while in school. From the time I was young, I excelled at anything I put my mind to do. I graduated with Honors from Harvard as an undergraduate and went on to complete my Master’s degree in Social Work at Indiana University with a 3.93 grade point average. So how could I be having so much trouble figuring out how to live life successfully? I turned to what I knew how to do. I read lots of books, attended seminars and participated in programs of all types. I searched for healing modalities that would help me to function better, overcome illness, and just be happier. I become certified as a 2nd degree Reiki master, certified in Spiritual Counseling, Hypnotherapy, and others courses, all to heal my life. I opened my heart to learn what I really needed to know, to understand the deep reasons for why I was so dysfunctional, sick and lost. I prayed for guidance and for the insight that I needed.

Ashira with ClientIn spite of all that I had studied and learned, I had the nagging feeling that something was still missing. I just could not seem to get to the absolute root causes of my problems. The whys. Why didn’t I just heal? What was preventing it? Why couldn’t I feel joy? Why don’t others heal completely and live lives of happiness? I just knew it was possible. Then someone gave me a copy of The Emotion Code, a book written by Dr. Bradley Nelson. I devoured it! Instinctively, I knew that I had found the technique that would answer my yearning to heal my life, as well as help many others. I felt that I had finally found the way to get to the root causes and remove them! I learned that we can heal and be free of past hurts and truly move forward into health and happiness.

I jumped on board. I have since dedicated myself to studying and learning this new technique, and have been trained and certified in The Emotion Code. When Dr. Nelson released his next product, a home study course called The Body Code, I found this healing method to be even more comprehensive and complete. I continued to study and went through the certification process to become a Body Code practitioner, as well. It has been well worth the effort.

I feel enormously grateful that after more than 30 years of searching, I have found the modalities that have been the most successful for me and the clients I have served. The best part is that it is profoundly simple. It is non-invasive. It is painless. It is individualized just for you. And it works!

Allow me the honor of having you experience this breakthrough healing system. I invite you to work with me to see if this simple method of healing will help you in the way it has helped me and many others who have experienced it. I feel so much lighter and happier. A heavy load has fallen away from me. I don’t have to carry it anymore! It is so joyful to live a life that is free of the difficulties of the past. I would like to help you to experience the difference it can make for you.

If you would like a complimentary consultation, I will do my best to answer the questions that you may have. Then you can decide if this is what you are looking for. Set an appointment for yourself today. It might be the best thing you ever do.

All my best,